ABSYNTH BACKLASH Interview by Caroline Beavon.

AbSYNth Backlash are industrial which I know isn't everyone's cup of tea but there is something intriguing about these guys (or rather, guy - as with a lot of tech based music, Absynth Backlash is the work of one lone genius Cody 1333).  For one thing, AB sidestep a pitfall of so much music of this genre by avoiding long, boring loops and bleeps and that only the musician can appreciate and instead produce 5 minute tracks that have pace, structure and, shock horror, something you can actually groove along to.  There is a definite electro edge here (spiralling into trance on Hooker from Whoreville), with inobtrusive yet ever-present guitars and snarling, disturbing vocals/samples.  All in all - a perfect mix that would hold it's own alongside the more established bands in the scene.

Who's who in the band? I'm a recording artist, not a band. I make it all myself.
 Who are your main influences? Most of my lyrics are inspired by the people around me, and situations i get into. Musically, i take things i like about other industrial bands and mix it all together. I think if you listen close enough, you can probably hear lots of my influences.
Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails) is the god of industrial - discuss Trent Reznor brought industrial into mainstream, which is very cool and rare. Although I'm more fond of others out there that i believe dont get enough recognition. Raymond Watts from Pig, Kaptn K from KMFDM, these guys are huge all over the world, but barely get recognition in the U.S.
 Are you hopeful about the future of the industrial scene - it seems to have gone a bit quiet recently Its only dying out in the mainstream media. Theres still lots of great acts just starting up that hasnt been discovered on a national level. Here in Chicago, you can find a great industrial band playing about every weekend. Those guys working the local bars are the real heros, not  the guys on mtv. As long as it stays that way, im cool with industrial still having a pulse.
Who are some of other up and coming bands we should be watching out for?  I've worked with a lot of great undiscovered artists. The Universal Sickness is awesome, im a big fan. Fingers-T has an album called Cycles 2, be sure to look that up. Crippled is very cool, and just got signed to a major label in Sweden...im sure youll hear some big things from all of these artists. Local bands here in Chicago making noise are Fashion Bomb, Digital Mindy, Marazene Machine, and The Prep School Tragedy.
 What would be the one piece of advice you would give to bands out there?  Stay with it and be unique. Push it with all you got, but dont be disappointed if you never "make it". Stay true to yourself and have fun with it...but again, stay unique.
What is the future for AbSYNth Backlash?   I'm just  going one day at a time here. I really dont have plans for the future other than recording more. Its my therapy, so I dont forsee myself stopping anytime soon. One day id like to get some musicians together, and start doing more shows.