This is AbSYNTH Backlash

My name is Cody1333, and I am the creator of ABSYNTH BACKLASH. All music and lyrics are written by me. I work with other artists at times, and I'm always down to record with new people.
I would describe my music as dark, electronica, EBM, industrial, and sometimes trance. Influences include (but is not limited to) Combichrist, Marilyn Manson, The Lords of Acid, NIN, Icon of Coil, Stabbing Westward, Pig, KMFDM, Prick, Zombie Girl, Nachtmahr, and name a few. Im all about the dark, pulsating beats, and hard hitting lyrics. To me, this is more than just music, its therapy. I have so much built up inside sometimes, and this project is my release.
   I was born and raised in Tennessee. My musical roots started there. Guitar and bass were the first instruments that i picked up on. I moved to the Chicago area, and was swept away by the big city and culture. It was here that I started to take a major interest in industrial music. Stepping into the legendary Wax Trax recording studio was the eye opener that convinced me, this is what I want to do with my music. I was the guitarist for several industrial acts in Chicago, but never stopped writing my own music. I picked up other instruments along the way, including the synth, which is now my instrument of choice. I became part of the rave scene, which was huge in Chicago for a while. So a lot of my musical tastes comes from the Windy City. Ive got a strong passion for what I do, and I hope that its reflected through my craft.